Microscopic examination of stool

June 22nd, 2008 Autor: admin

The concept of microscopic examination of stool. In microscopy in feces, as already mentioned, found the remains of food in the form of plant fibers, fiber vegetables and fruits. Connective-woven fibers detected by lowering the acidity of gastric juice. These balances are sometimes greeted with starch grains, which become more visible when adding lyugolevskogo solution. The large number of starch grains indicates a violation of digest functions of the gastrointestinal. The presence of large quantities of unchanged muscle fibers retentionist transverse striation indicates disruption of the pancreas. The content in feces of large quantities of fat spoke of the violation function zhelchevydeleniya, the lack of function of the pancreas (an insufficient allocation of the enzyme lipase). Fat is defined in the form of small droplets, or fatty plates. To better determine the fat product special color paint – Sudan. Crystals of salts of fatty acids are colorless and neutral fat and fatty acid crystals are painted in bright orange.

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